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Tropical Thunder


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Intro 00:43
Tropical Thunder I‘m turning my head it‘s dark so I can‘t see but over my shoulder I‘m smelling you next to me paragon of perfection, no perfume may compete, Tropical Thunder on my mind, no release Tropical Thunder on my mind, no release night was night, changed dark into light and all things must pass, 'guess Mr. Harrison is right please oh help me, help me get out my mind Tropical Thunder on my mind, no release Tropical Thunder on my mind, no release j'espère, j'espère, j'espère mon amour je suis un homme désolé une outre fois, une outre vie, beaucoup merci moi, une outre fois!
Interlude 1 00:17
Trais Le Chevreuil Il y a des cerfs dans la foret la foret est plain les cerfs sont beaux on ne les vois pas ce sont des phantoms attention, attention chevreuil les cerfs sont beaux j‘ai peur où sont il? attention ce sont des phantoms les cerfs sont beaux où sont il, où sont il? j‘ai peur ce sont des phantoms on ne les vois pas
Interlude 2 00:28
Girl 03:34
Girl I was waiting a gun touched my neck white lights behind me, chasing me back she called me 'bastard I shouted please tight my hands above then we made love girl so soft and sweet sweet sweet sweet!
A Travelling Heart We travelled the east coast baby, we travelled the north we travelled westwards darling, didn‘t get very south but we didn‘t get far no we didn‘t get far at all we travelled upwards darling, all the way through Spain slept in oh so many houses made for our stay but we didn‘t get far no we didn‘t get far at all
Interlude 3 00:09
Sitting In A Tree In a tree I was alive is where I felt loved for the first time will be happy the rest of my life
Interlude 4 00:58
Luire 06:36
Luire I follow the sunshine, 'cause it resembles your smile don‘t follow me down shire, I‘ll be gone if you try don‘t talk about it I follow the riptide 'cause it seems to proceed, like my love, my longing but I‘ll be gone if I try don‘t talk about it
Interlude 5 00:24
France 04:22
France The bag‘s too heavy and I‘m not strong that‘s why I tell you a sleeping song sleep sleep sleep sleep une autre fois, une autre vie mais en chante! une autre fois, mesdames, monsieurs mais je suis désolé!
Baggenshaw 06:19
Baggenshaw Hi, how are you? Oh hi, I‘m good. How are you? I‘m fine, thanks. What are you doing? Me? Well, not much. Just things and stuff. Cool. What are you up to? I don‘t have a clue.
Interlude 6 00:10
Pigs, Frogs And The Fucking Carnival Have you ever wondered why we never got together? and if so, well, so did I how we could get so close and then spread again into our own worlds a pile of peaceful shit way too far away a world where we were the weird ones we had to work for pigs and the frog types hey, hey whatch out! flying paper bird army but I will save you if you let me again I will forget tomorrow and over the river and over the river out of sight over the river don‘t look behind well over the river don‘t look behind
Credits 02:24


released July 16, 2021


all rights reserved




Kingsized 'Bastards mesmerize the audience with harmonica, maracas, tambourine and a lot of soul. Everything is turning and swelling up in waves of sound. Gabriel van Mojo sings strange songs called 'Tropical Thunder' or 'J. Bagshaw' – as if John Lennon had messed around with mushrooms or pills. ... more

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